Pricing + Services


Al a Carte 

I can customize a plan for you. Book a free consultation.


Basic Monthly Reconciliation Flat Fee $200 — Reconciliation of 1 bank account with Reports (Each Additional Account $100/mo)

Additional bookkeeping services available


Basic Monthly Flat Fee $200 —  Up to 50 transactions per month


$100/hour  per company — Custom built budget for your business




Expense and Receipt tracking

Basic Monthly Flat Fee $200 —  Up to $15, 000 in expenses per month

Year End Support

 $100/hour — I organize and help you prepare for tax time with your CPA which cuts down on the time your CPA spends tracking down information.  

Office Organization

$100/hour — From decluttering to implementing filing systems...

Calendar Organization and Time Blocking

$100/hour —This is a must for work life balance. 


I create custom packages based on your needs. Book a free consultation.