I use my 11+ years of hands-on salon management and coaching experience to create personalized systems to grow your business and provide regular 1 on 1 coaching to keep you on track. From inventory, quarterly  reviews, HR, payroll, budgets, bookkeeping, customer service to new hire on-boarding, I solve problems and implement processes that add value to your business.



  • Salon Operational Development

  • Bookkeeping - Quickbooks Online

  • Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Year End Reports

  • Budgets

  • Expense & Receipt Tracking

  • Year End Support

  • Office Organization

  • Calendar organization & time blocking

  • Suggestions for useful tools and software

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Why choose Back Office Nerd?

Back Office Nerd does more than entering numbers! I keep you informed about how your business is doing and help you make decisions to grow and fulfill the dream that inspired you to start your business in the first place.



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Do you review your salon’s profit & loss report on a monthly basis? Do you know what your salon’s bottom line was last month? Do you understand the what, why, and how of the numbers you use to make decisions? You should! Click the link below to read my article: 

Understanding A Salon Profit & Loss Report And Its Importance.


Who is Back Office Nerd?


Back Office Nerd educates business owners and their teams on best practices and puts procedures and strategies in place so they spend less time putting out fires.


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