As an owner of 2 busy restaurants and a mother to a 5 year old I have learned how important it is to be organized. Danielle came in and implemented a system and organized my office so I know exactly what I have to do weekly, monthly, etc.
She is a certified Quickbooks Pro, which is helpful for the questions I constantly have. She creates monthly reports and has made us budgets for both businesses. I highly recommend Back Office Nerd for your small business, she’s only a video chat away!!
— Amanda Gouin - owner of Sonny's Tavern and Eastern Burger Company

Happy Clients


I would have TAPPED if @backofficenerd wasn't handling all my Sensei Tom LLC business needs - BOOKKEEPING, TAX PREP, BUDGET, FILING, BANKING, P&L, and OCCASIONAL SCOLDINGS WHEN I CANT FIND RECEIPTS

— Sensei Tom LLC

Thanks for doing this.  This is super helpful.


— Dean B -owner Sonny's tavern, and Eastern Burger Company

I am so excited to have made this transition!! I feel the weight of the world off my shoulders, I am so happy I found you! 


- Christine -Darling Lola Designs